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Do you want to join a network? [3 spots left]-

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by viraltvtube11, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. viraltvtube11

    viraltvtube11 Newbie

    Mar 28, 2013
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    The requirements are at least 200views daily you need to prove on socialblade also no copystrikes.
    If you interested can add me on skype dutchtbn

    - Stand out of the crowd with branding options which allow for greater personalisation. This includes a Youtube banner, background and link box

    - Boost your earnings with exclusive ads and sponsors. Superior CPM rates with no caps, placing us right up top.
    - ©Sypher designs, which are exclusive to only our partners, design you an out of this world background/banner for your channel for free.
    - ©SocietyStation which are owned exclusively by Sanect, design, build and manage you a website+forum* entirely for free.
    - We support you on your entire journey up the Youtube ladder. We take care of our partners and want nothing more than success for them.
    - Cross platform advertising. We will maximise your revenue by offering multiple income streams other than YT with our additional platforms.
    - You keep ownership of all the videos you create, complete control of your channel. Nothing changes for you in the way you run your channel.
    - Check our ability to increase your revenues before you dive in! With our No Lock-in policy,you can leave anytime with 30 days notice (first 3 months)
    - Free post production for other languages, we regularly send videos to our production team for dubbing so that you can relate to a wider audience!​- ©Youlab exclusive to Sanect only. Allows for you to be matched up and connected with people of similar interest for collaboration!
    - Powerful tools allowing for audio/visual claiming, meaning you can claim your audio even if the video is not yours! Vice-versa.
    - Super fast partner support with out dedicated both live and form support. You wont ever have to wait for long.
    -High definition live streaming on your channel which is accessible to all Sanect partners! settings include 720P and 1080P options.
    - We choose quality. Rest assured all of our partners are hard working passionate creators. You will be among the best.​