Do you utilise PLR articles/PDFs?


Feb 1, 2010
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So I am working on this new project and bought shit loads of PLR PDF reports and about 2K PLR articles in IM niche. What the fuck do I do with the articles?

Surely, PDFs will be used to build list but those articles ... they all are really well written, however, since they are are PLR, I am afraid there are going to be copies all over the internet.

I am thinking of creating PDFs of 10 articles (10 articles per PDF) and submitting them to PDF sites for some SEO boost. Or perhaps making slides, making audios/videos and submitting them to relevant sites for links, of course.

I am certain I will not publish those articles on my main blog/PBNs due to duplicate content.

What would you do?
Spin>proofread>use for link building.
I have a VA who does this for me.
I was thinking the same. Perhaps, building a new PBN and use spun articles ... of course, not heavily spun, still readable but unique enough to bypass CS.

Or put them on web 2.0 properties.
You can use these on pbn's or web2.0 or even article directory. All that matters is Uniqueness & readability.
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