Do you use Canva?

Do you use Canva?

  • Yes

    Votes: 73 89.0%
  • No

    Votes: 9 11.0%

  • Total voters
i like canva for creating logos and banners and for my promoting my site on twitter i make pic i right size for twitter
Canva has an affiliate program, probably you can monetize on that way (but you need 1 million users per month on your webpage). Btw, that niche can be very powerful because people is looking for clicking on a "download" button (or an ad, haha). The bad thing is that I don't see lot of keywords using "canva" as longtail, but you can try.
I was planning on starting canva templates sharing website where people would get templates for free but i was thinking if it was worth it :/
I'm an extremely active canva user. I can't think of when I'd need a template so my instinct is you should not build this because I don't need it. I might be interested in more frames. These are super handy and even though canva offers like 100, you could probably make another could couple thousand and get some usage.

On the other hand, I use background remover almost everyday. More tools and and filters for photo editing might be worth exploring...?
Canva makes the graphic design niche very competitive on Fiverr now because everyone can use Canva and sell their services :confused:
Good afternoon!
Canva I don't like it, even though it's popular. GIMP is more to my liking) :rolleyes:
I use the background removal from canva a lot, because it is very tedious to use the lasso tool and select and delete the background in Photoshop.
yeah i use canva for simple and instant designs, but for professional usage i use photoshop or illustrator
Yes, I use Canvas, it is very dynamic and easy to use, you can create many things very quickly, it has very good templates and designs, I use it to create content for my social networks and I even make reels and videos for two YouTube channels that I have , the things I make there come out of good quality, it is recommended.
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