do you use any productivity tool?

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    hi all,

    i really love to be organized well and therefore love to test and use productivity systems. I would like to share my experiences with a couple of systems/software.

    Simpleology: This one has actually some very good methods. Dreamcatcher lets you collect your ideas without losing your focus. Morning routine helps you have a clear mind about your todos in the day. It has a very good training system. You can set short, mid and longterm goals and in each morning routine you will be asked to think about your todos and your goals. I really loved simpleology but the price is definitely not ok. You can have max. 25 entries in the free version, if you want to have unlimited entries (todos and etc) you need to pay $57/months. extremely overpriced

    gtd or any other methods based on gtd: honestly i don't understand the buzz about this one. I mean the whole site you need to move stuff from one container to another, give new tags etc. It's like doing lots of work for being able to work. I've tested it sometime and can not advise anyone to use it.

    weekly planner: this one is pretty neat. Simple and effective, though it lacks some stuff. what i love about it is that you have an overview of your week. You can make a rought plan at the begining of the week by setting goals for each day, the tasks you are not able to do will be carried to next day. for short term goals it is very good. As an extra you have a part in which you can add your long term goals. That's also a nice feature. What i don't like about it is that is that it is actually not very good at managing small tasks and subtasks. it is good as a complementary system to set out weekly goals but for daily tasks i would not use it.

    wunderlist and the similar ones: these are way too simple, good for managing small tasks but i have the feeling i forget about my goals by using this. i simply don't like it.

    asana, trello etc: especially asana is very good, i like the feature which lets you create projects and invite people to it (asana). very good software if you are in a corporate environment, but since i am looking for the ultimate life management app i had to move from this one.

    productivity wizard, success wizard: i think both are the same, or i am too dumb to see the difference, anyway this one is the one i use. I like the notepad feature which lets you add your ideas, concerns etc. I have lots of different ideas which i forget easily, since using this app i have collected all of them in the notepad/ideas and can reevaluate them when i have time. I like the morning routine, which lets you take a look at your goals and rearrange your daily todos according to these. What i don't like about it is that there is nearly no documentation, there are some features which i don't know how to properly use or precisely what are they good for. it doesnt let you collect your todos in projects, and as far as i know you can not track your daily activites, i think it would be very good if this app has the option to set weekly goals (like in weekly planner) and a possibility to create projects.

    the action machine 3: i like this one, it is basically pomodoro with couple of neat features. It is good as a complementary tool but honestly if you have used other ones, there will be lots of features which you will miss in this.

    Just to make clear, i am in no way affiliated with these software/apps, i merely share my experiences.

    Which productivity tools do you use and why?
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    I use a few IOS apps like Any.DO,LiveExpenses and the default calendar :)
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    I don't have anything of value to add, but thanks a lot for taking the time to write all this. I've been looking for a way to keep myself organized and to have my daily tasks clear to me.
    I wanted to ask a few questions about weekly planner, but I'm just going to give it a try and see if it suits my needs, and also productivity wizard to compare them against each other.

    Great share OP!
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    Even I too love to be productive in terms of my work. And to have that achieved I use Replicon for time tracking, google tasks for task management, basecamp for project management, certify for accounts management.
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    Evernote to take notes, schedule tasks etc.

    Google calendar so I can remember everything

    Focus booster to manage my time
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    yup its called my brain
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    I write notes on napkins. Not using any online tools due to lack of privacy.
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    It is often having a tough time in the day bring us a very less achievement due to lots of interruption come to our completion. It distracted our focus, steal our time and waste our energy. When I need to complete on big tasks, completing my monthly report or to complete any other tasks I prefer using time tracking app.

    As with regular time tracking software, the monitoring is started and the billable hours are tracked. The trend has started a few years ago with some top-most companies. The most popular new product is probably Replicon's Suite.
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    I feel for you OP! I myself like my work to be organized!...

    Though I use excel spreadsheets to structure my ''things''