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Discussion in 'Link Building' started by tuprox, Feb 28, 2011.

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    I own a local computer repair / IT services shop that is fairly new (less than a year open but site has been up for 3+ years). I have been adding content to my site very slowly and all is original.

    I watched some videos on Youtube about SEO and Google. So what I did was create a couple pages that linked to the manufacturers of computer hardware (about 100) and I also did this with software (about 100 as well). I then did a search for all the computer discussion forums from general, to networking, linux, security, hacking, etc and made links to them. I plan on joining all of these, especially to the ones with SEO signatures and become a contributing member with each post giving a little bit of a link bump.

    I then found all kinds of computer/software how to pages as well as programming pages and linked to them. Finally I made a list of all the software that I use that is not from MAJOR publishers and wrote a review and a link to the page on the publishers web site.

    I also found some blogs but I don't know how to utilize those.

    I am also going to start writing my own blog in the future as I already have about 100+ posts ready to go and will probably post 2-3 a day of various topics. How do I get people to read this and link to it?

    Also, I've started to do a good bit of hosting and some web design. I have about 10 sites that I host. How do I effectively place a link on their site that says "designed and hosted by (my business)". What I have been doing is doing this in font size 8 at the bottom of every page. Is there something that I can do that is better than this or is this sufficient and will that link help at all?
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    with the whole linking you do to other sites, 200 of them! you are way off, its about them linking to you, not the other way around.

    If you have a 100 posts ready to go thats good, you need to do some research on keywords you want to rank for and make sure the content is optimized for the particular keywords.

    read this:

    To be honest you have a long way to go but I recommend you also read some more threads on the forum, allot of good stuff around.

    Some good threads Ive found:
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    I think you should buy some seo services...