Do you think dreams mean anything?

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    I've been watching the Sopranos lately and the heavy use of significant dreams in that series got me thinking...

    Do you think there is any meaning to things that you experience in dreams? I'm not a "spiritual" person and I don't that it is possible to mentally receive information from a source outside your mind during sleep, but I DO think your mind is capable of piecing things together while you sleep, since you have nothing else to focus on. My theory is that when you sleep, your mind assesses all of the information that you took in throughout the day. I think this might be why people have dreams that seem to be telling them something... For example, a lot of people seem to have dreams about showing up to work/school naked, and according to some professionals, this indicates that they are feeling unprepared for some task they have to accomplish in real life. I've had some downright wacky dreams, but sometimes they seem to have a message to them. A few examples:

    - I was having dinner at a cheap seafood restaurant with some high class people that I did not recognize. One of the women was melodramatically lamenting the fact that she had no time to enjoy life. I commented that I had seen her going into a male strip club earlier that day. Her husband got mad and started berating her. Pretty soon everyone at the table was arguing. I quietly walked outside and stood there for a while. Her husband came out and looked at me. The entire surroundings then turned to black, and all I could see was this man. He started drawing brightly colored lines with his fingers out of thin air. He told me that all humans were worthless and that it is my duty to eliminate them. The colored lines in the air started burning like fuses.

    - A woman singing an opera-like ballad on a stage, and the only line I could comprehend was "and my little baby turns to stone"

    - It was the Colonial era and I was seeing the crew of a French ship bound for Haiti arguing about the philosophy of fatalism. One of the crew stabbed another, and the captain said "well, looks like we were destined to rob and kill the Haitians after all!"

    - I was driving around lost in the country and I kept arriving at a little wooden shack that sold pizza. There was a small boy working there by himself and it looked like he lived in that establishment. He gave us some maps.

    - I was living in my old bedroom at my dad's house, except there was just a couch and a TV in there and it was very messy. It was snowing hard outside. My ex girlfriend came over and we ordered pizzas, got drunk, and had sex.

    - My workplace was a giant dentist's office but all the same employees were still there; they were just dentists and assistants instead. I was told to pull out an 8 year old girl's teeth with pliers and no anasthetic, so I was preparing to do so. Then everyone took objection and went to the supervisor and asked if it was really necessary. The supervisor printed out a little paper saying "Do not cause extreme suffering" and then everyone bitched at me because I was actually going to pull her teeth out.

    Any thoughts about what these dreams might mean, examples of crazy dreams you have had, or discussion of dreams in general would be AWESOME! :cool:
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    I had a dream one night that I ate a giant marshmallow.

    When I woke up the next day, my pillow was gone! :yield:
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    I once had a dream I was taking an epic piss ... let's just say I woke up in the nick of time ...
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    dreams are a tripping thing, I am not one of those people who are all spiritual and this happens cause of this type but I do acknowledge dreams are more serious then most will admit. I had several dreams where it came to pass in real life. trippy and another trippy thing are dejavu
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    Your job
    Yes, They do give you a insight on life. Keep a not pad next to you bed. Ull be suprised what u dream and how fast you forget it.
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    That escalated quickly.