Do you know #inthewayguy?

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    You can never guess!
    A man who attended Disney World made a last-minute decision to step in front of someone with a camera instead of walking around. And he's been catapulted into everlasting fame.

    He's known as InTheWayGuy, or #inthewayguy on Twitter and Instagram, and he's ruining photos everywhere on the Internet.

    It began when Nick Landis of Plymouth, Minn. surprised his girlfriend, Erika Boone, at Walt Disney World by suddenly bending his knee and proposing. He had asked a Disney employee to photograph the moment, reports Eonline's John Boone.

    But #inthewayguy photo-bombed the picture. Landis later laughed about it, sharing it on Reddit.

    Within hours the Reddit post went crazy and an Internet meme was born.
    #inthewayguy has now photo-bombed countless other events

    You may see some examples of #inthewayguy :