do you know anything about your affiliate products?

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by dingdong69, Aug 17, 2013.

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    I have a question for all the knowledgeable folk on this forum. Do you pick a product from Clickbank that you actually know something about? I am just curious as to how you can do a video about an affiliate product if you literally know nothing about it. Like, if I was to choose a product about weight loss, what the hell would I talk about? I don't really know anything about weight loss. I could outsource articles for sure, but at some point wouldn't I have to know a little about the subject I am promoting.

    So, can you promote products successfully that you literally know nothing about. And if so, what are some of the best ways to do that.

    This is the one thing I am struggling with at the moment. I could pick a product, create an email list - but then what would I email them about if I had no interest or knowledge about the product.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    Do your homework before writing down anything.
    If the product is well known you'll find a load of reviews on google (from others affiliates) and sometimes even on forums from real customers. These are gold.
    Check blackhatworld, sometime people share their opinion about products here.
    Read the sales page, study the affiliate material from the vendor and, if this is not enough, buy the product with your own hoplink.
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    Write to Vendor's eMail for free review copy, read or test that and make a nice looking video. Hard to promote unknown stuff.
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    Personally I find it more fun to go after niches that I enjoy and therefor know a little about; however it is not a requirement for me. I will then buy the product in the niche that I want to build a site in and go from there.

    I find that as soon as I start to research the product and the "Hot" topics in my new niche it's okay even though it's not my favorite niche.

    Also I like to outsource most of the writing (website articles and newsletter) and because I have done my research I know quite a few things about the niche that I can use for my website/newsletter.

    That's how I go about it most of the time.
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    Ideally you want to promote a product you know something about. If you don't then get some quality content written about that subject and keep adding to it. Days are long gone when you can add rubbish spun page content to websites hoping they will rank. In my humble opinion you need to build a site with quality content from day 1 and keep adding to it if you have any chance to rank with black hat or white. If you want longevity then target white or possibly slightly grey with the odd black. You can still rank with black but with caution.
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    I trust that your question has been answered by the above posters.
    They have given you some simple, straightforward advice.
    As you develop your Clickbank selling skills as an affiliate,
    you may progress unto becoming a vendor in the CB marketplace.
    ^^^ This has its own rewards, but also requires a LOT more work,
    so my advice starting out, is to select an niche/sub niche of interest to you,
    feel comfortable with it,
    collect leads (eg via emails) with which you may promote similar products in the future,
    and as you are taking action, be passionate, and ENJOY what you are doing.
    Cheers and Good Luck :)
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    go with what you know about first then branch out to other products