Do you have ScrapeBox ... [Read This] some methods to make money with SB

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    Okay here are some methods that are bringing me some Incomes with Scrapebox. So i wanted to share with you.

    Method 1 [Find AutoApproved Backlinks and Sell Them]

    Scrapebox has become a very very good tool for me and i'm making money from it.
    The first method that i'm going to tell you is to harvest AutoApproved Links with Pr and sell them to Forums , Fiverr , Zeerk etc.

    If you don't know how to harvest links than search in this forum you will find a lot of guides.

    Step 1:
    Go in Scrapebox and Harvest 1000+ Keywords in your niche.

    Step 2:
    After doing that go and Harvest again the Same 1000 Keywords and you will get like 20.000 Keywords.

    so basically you will have a lot of urls scraped just by this keywords.
    Try to post on them and collect every url where the post is autoapproved.

    After doing this Check the Page Rank.

    if you will find 70-100 Links with pr - Do-follow and Autoapproved you can make a pack of them and sell it to 10-15 peoples for minimum of 10$
    so you are making 150$ and you get the money that you bought Scrapebox.

    Method 2 [ Harvesting Emails for Facebook ]

    Step 1 :
    Go harvest craigslist and save the urls.

    Step 2 :
    In scrapebox you have an option to Grab emails put it in action.

    Step 3 :
    Wait till it grabs all emails.

    Step 4:
    All the emails in @gmail , @hotmail , @yahoo , @aol save them.

    Step 5:
    Go in excel and create a Column with Names and a Colum with Email ID.
    Put the Emails in Email ID (Column) and save it as CSV.

    Step 6:
    Go to your facebook account upload the CSV file and invite all of them who are in facebook to become your friends.

    Summary of Method 2 : (if you get 100.000 Emails and 30.000 are in facebook and 3.000 accept your friend request you will be getting money just by selling accounts or by using them selling your products or CPA marketing.)

    Method 3 : (Who is Scraper) {this method has been shared here i think}

    Okay SB has a method to go and Scrape Whois and you can get emails from the persons who own sites.
    So basically you can sell Link Services , Design Services , or put them in a trick to fill any CPA survey.

    Method 4 : (Open your Own Services)
    if you can't make money try to open your own services for SEO. and go to forums like DP, or here and sell your Services out there.

    Scrapebox will be a Great Assistant for your services because you can harvest , post , find , increase your SEO Rankings.

    I forgot to mention that you can Optimize your own Websites and get more sales or visitors or go on top of Google with SB.

    i don't know if the methods were told before but i just wanted to let newbies know that Scrapebox is a great tool and you can make money with it.

    Summary of all : (Use this methods to make some cash but go and find other methods on SB to make money because there are plenty of them on it.)

    Sorry if the post isn't in the right section or any of the methods have been shared but i saw a lot of people saying that SB isn't bringing cash and i just wanted to help anyone who didn't know how to use SB to make some Cash.
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    REALLY?! TELL ME MORE!! [/sarcasm]

    Ok, yes it could have went into the Black Hat SEO Tools section but that is not really a problem.

    Method 1. I have seen several ways of doing this and this is surely one of the noobiest. There is a tutorial or 2 on how to do this 10x faster than what you are saying. Although, some of the methods a few other members here and I use are private and I have really never seen shared because it's worth so much money.

    Method 2. Never seen this one before. Nicely done.

    Method 3. You copied this directly for a recently shared method on here.

    Method 4. It is not that easy. You suggested selling on DP and on here. You clearly have no experience with this. Half of the DP users don't even know what a backlink is. You also said try to sell on here, you also seem to have no experience with this. BHW has several of these services already and are no longer accepting. Your service must be unique.

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    How can I send non opt - in emails after I scrape Whois - do u know anyone provide such a service?
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    Seo and Marketing Suprisingly
    Your bedroom window
    Thanks for the try but.............
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    I would like to have more info on whois email method. Can someone throw light ??
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    I like that nr 2 method think will try it as soon as I get this SB.
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    Geting out of fake job and into IM
    No, please don't. We need less retards using SB, not more.

    I don't see why sweetfunny doesn't just stop selling it (or make it only available still to the people who have already purchased it, if they'd like to buy it again for another computer)

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    that facebook method won't work at all.

    it's dead, trust me.

    out of 10,000 verified facebook users, I only got 60 friends.

    Someone did the same thing as me but had over 500,000 emails harvested (non verified) and got a little over 3000 friends.
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    PHP Developer
    Thanks for the nice share and i was already doing the autoapprove link finding but I am trying to get more quality packs. Mostly what happens here is, when the auto approve blogs are flooded with comments, the blog owner simply deletes those that he/she doesn't like and still the chances for live links are slowing down.
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    wow, thanks a lot I learnt a lot.
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    Thank you ole wise one, Don't think he even asked your opinion did he. But you keep going around telling everyone who is right and wrong, Maybe you will get others to believe you are the God of all bhw.
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    Thank you Master Retard, fore the only one that call's people retards are the Master Retards.
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    Oh lawd, replying to a thread from 2010. ^

    Retard... hmm rings a bell