Do you get repeating orders from your dropship business?

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    I am in the ecommerce biz where i just simply buy products wholesale every week based on the orders i get from my customers, I then check/repack/remove labels that reveals my source and sent it out. (A LOTTA OF WORK :)

    But i have never read about the possible risk of being a dropshipper where a supplier will happily sent out paper flyers to the customers address therefore losing all my customers. Yeah i know, my supplier only sells to wholesalers, but what if they have a retail store on the side with so low prices that you start thinking: "how can this retail store have lower prices then the wholesale company that sells the same products?"

    Cause the aim is the get repeating orders right? If you get a 1-time order, you can just as well have an affiliate site directly linking to your supplier.

    So, how do you prevent that your customers end up buying from your supplier if you are in the dropship biz so you can get repeating orders?