Do you do this too? I'm little confused.

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by hireganesh, May 14, 2010.

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    I recently posted a query regarding Gmail accounts. Then I got a PM regarding same. The guy told as Gmail accounts are not available with the provider but you can buy the same from me. then he asks for 4-5 times more money than what other are providing in.
    I need at least 100 of them immediately so was just going to ask him payment details but suddenly saw his post count. Then went in his profile to check what all he has ever replied on forum.
    Do you people also do this or am I over cautious?

    Would love to hear from you, how you escaped or were scammed.

    (This post is not meant to insult anybody. So, PM sender should not come all guns blazing to me.)
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    It's called doing your due diligence.

    You just have to watch the forum for a single day to read about someone getting scammed or shit listed for devious behavior.

    You can't be too careful online.

    I too am careful to keep an eye on post count, rep, etc when doing business with someone. I'm sure alot of us do.
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    Soliciting by pm isn't allowed in the forum, even though it happens all the time. No matter who you are dealing with on bhw, you should check there stats, look through their posts, and search their username to see if there are any complaints.

    Especially steer clear of anyone that has just recently signed up, has low post count, and low rep points.

    It's best to deal with people in the BST forums becaue theyve at least been checked out a little bit by the admins or mods, and their business is out in the open for others to comment on.

    If the guy is asking 4 or 5 times as much, and doesn't have much history to base a judgement on, I would definately stay away from the deal. The guys offer might be legit, but remember the best scammers are the ones that will make you feel the most comfortable.... right before you get fleeced.