Do you charge consultation fees?

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    Do you charge consultation fees? If so, in what type of situation will that apply to? For example, if a potential client approach you for 'any' type of marketing directions (first meeting), would you charge a fee for that? What if he decided to take on your 'SEO' service after that? Do you charge a fee on top of the service etc?
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    If I get a phone call I don't charge for that, but recently I charged $80 per hour for 2 hours of keyword research (really took about 20 minutes) just to make sure he was serious and he had no problem paying that, I just took $160 off of his setup fee when he signed up. I think it gives better positioning and lets them know you value your time upfront.
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    I don't do this currently, but it's a great idea.

    I've found over and over and over again, that doing the whole "give value first" routine sucks donkey dicks. People see you doing anything for free and they figure you should just keep doing ALL of their stuff for free.

    I say, charge and explain that your time is valuable. Much more likely they will be less of a time-suck later on.
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    Construction contractors do this all the time but in a more service oriented way. The key is to talk about their business as if it was yours. Brainstorm WITH them. Get them used to being creative and open with you. They will find out a lot about their business and you will learn more about theirs at the same time. You may even find out how much their clients are worth to them. That alone is a free consultation while also being a good salesperson and overall good knowledgeable businessman. Builds trust.'re not giving free advice if you're seeding them as a client. There is also a difference between giving something away for free as a cheesy ice breaker and building value in what you can offer by simply having a conversation with you about their business. If they call and ask what your opinion on email lists, social media, modern web design ANYTHING like that - you tell them and educate them like you invented that shit so that when all is said and done they know you know what you're doing when they pay you to do it for them. If they just take the information and run then you just saved yourself all the trouble and hassle in doing it for them in the first place at a rate (if any) that is unsatisfactory and unsustainable. You also learn what you know better and are able to fine tune your conversation to work for you so people will call you with requests for action rather than requests for information.

    Eventually you do reach that tipping point.
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