Do these <h2> tags seem acceptable for SEO purposes?

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    Hey guys,

    I run a MyBB forum with Google SEO, but I've noticed that quite frankly, the one thing it's missing is the <h1> tags. I have <h1> tags on the nav_bit_active template (the equivalent is the bold stuff on vBulletin, ie. "Black Hat Forum Black Hat SEO" when you see the forum index), but now the h2. I have them on the category titles, like "Black Hat SEO", "White Hat SEO", "Making Money", etc., and now I want to have them on the forum name and description, like "Link Building" and "Discuss how to build & get links". Here's the code pre-h2.

    <strong><a href="{$forum_**********">{$forum['name']}</a></strong>{$forum_viewers_text}<div class="smalltext">{$forum['description']}{$modlist}{$subforums}</div>
    Where {$forum_********** is the URL to the forum (I think there was some sort of black list applied to it), {$forum['name']} is the name of the forum, {$forum['description']} is the forum's description, {$modlist} is a list of who moderates the forums, and {$subforums} is the list of the subforums.

    Here's the code post-h2.

    [B]<h2 [I]class=[/I]"smalltext" [I]style=[/I]"font-weight: normal">[/B][B]<a [I]href=[/I]"{$forum_**********" [I]class=[/I]"cattitle">[/B][B]<strong>[/B]{$forum['name']}[B]</strong>[/B][B]</a>[/B]{$forum_viewers_text}[B]<br />[/B]{$forum['description']}{$modlist}{$subforums}</h2>
    Does that look acceptable for SEO? Or should I change and/or abandon that idea? Let me know.
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