Do press release provide any seo value?


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May 22, 2012
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I have the chance to get a paid press release from some big sites like marketwatch. However, it clearly states it is a press release on sample articles.

Some sites even say Paid press release and some say paid classified ad as an article. Do these provide even lesser value? These are Do follow links.
Just today I purchased a press release, after some weeks I can tell you the result ;-)
Indirectly, maybe.
It's mostly limited to the residual effects of brand awareness, which may or may not mean much. It really all just depends.

Another way it can help is if people click through and spend quality time on your page, assuming you have analytics setup. Also, many come with social signals, which can help.
Press Release links are mostly nofollow but some sites give do.follow links out as well but for ranking none of them really help you.

99.99% of PR links are temporary to begin with, meaning they will be removed after a few months.
Press Release, by name and its nature - its for Brand Marketing Purpose mainly however depending upon your objective(s), it might offer a SEO Value.

Somebody needs Online Branding.
Somebody needs Backlinks from High DA / DR websites and so on. So it depends on your GOAL.

FYI - Posts on marketwatch are removed after 2-3 months.
Given the temporary nature of press releases, it's best to not consider them for ranking purposes. The do-follow link part is great! However, most of the releases will be archived or dropped after a month, meaning the link will lose its value as well.
A press release can be used to promote a website globally or in a targeted area. It is used for brand awareness. PR often provides nofollow links, so that's not to say it's not useful. PR has even more value on big sites like Forbes because it serves as a brand emphasis to showcase your product or company. It creates a good reputation among users and customers.
No, it's useless if you have trash content. Focus on your content.
PR is mostly for Brand Marketing.

If it has do-follow links and an active website with guaranteed impressions, then could help SEO a lot.
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