Do Not Use MerchantInc / I-payment for CC processing. Scammers!

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    Just a note for anyone who want to use these companies.

    I signed up to processor credit cards from, didn't find much bad googling them. Turns out they are a reseller of Google iPayment and William. The stories that pop up were true in my experience.

    The services turned out to be useless, because William refused to allow my best client pay me with his credit card. Claimed my client refused to confirm the purchases he made with his credit card. When talking to my client, he said some guy claiming to be from master card called wanting information on the purchases, my client wanted to know more information about him first (smart), William refused to give that information and hung up on my client.

    So I decided to have my client pay in another way, but had to refund the payments iPayment was holding. I asked if there would be a fee for doing that, I was told there wasn't. On my statement, there were fees for the reversals plus some extra ones. I did cancel my account with them, since they are incompetent and liars.

    Cancelled over a month ago, guess what just popped up on my bank account? A $350 cancellation fee. I asked before signing up if there was a cancellation fee, was told no. On MerchantInc's website, they claim no cancellation fee (or did when I signed up). My bank will be reversing this one too.

    This isn't for the shitlist, they aren't on BHW. Just a warning for others, I did search the forums here.. didn't find anything. Now the next member will.
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