Do not do business with fob1kdotcom

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    I have given him multiple chances to redeem himself. I worked on a website for him that I later found out was his Uncle. I then found out he wasn't even a citizen of the USA and was something like 16 (?)

    Yes it is partly my fault for not verifying any of his credentials. I am not sure what his name is on here I could not find one under the same name. I do know his Mom lives in "Boston" could be Ma., not sure though.


    me: it doesnt show up in IE
    fob1kdotcom: really
    me: yea
    fob1kdotcom: damn man
    9:59 PM the site is fucked up in ie
    me: not really
    looks fine
    just the meun
    fob1kdotcom: no
    everything is fucked up
    me: IE6?
    fob1kdotcom: yes
    me: that is over 5 years old
    nothing works right in IE6 these days
    fob1kdotcom: but many computers still have ie6
    10:00 PM ok
    to be honest with you
    me: i cant even test it in ie6 =\
    fob1kdotcom: im 16 year old.. the dearlship is not mine.its my uncle
    my uncle promised to pay me good if i make him a good site
    me: ok...
    10:01 PM fob1kdotcom: he is rich
    he has many dealership
    so moneyis not a problem
    after he pay me
    ill pay you
    me: when is this
    this isn't cool...
    fob1kdotcom: sorry bro.
    me: i was expecting payment within a few days
    fob1kdotcom: but maybe tomorrow
    10:02 PM but after i makethe site bette
    me: ...
    10:03 PM fob1kdotcom: he is rich
    he will pay me like $2000
    i will pay you $100
    me: are you telling me you created a forum when you were 12?
    fob1kdotcom: _
    how you know
    10:04 PM everything is on googgle
    did u google my aim lol
    me: yes
    what was your bhw forum name
    fob1k or fobbie
    fob1kdotcom: none
    those two i dont use
    10:05 PM me: ok
    fob1kdotcom: lol
    ur digging me deep
    10:08 PM me: so...
    when are you actually going to have the money
    10:09 PM fob1kdotcom: hey
    can you help me with one more thing
    i will sell the site to my uncle tomorrow after i fix this problem
    10:11 PM me: whats that
    10:12 PM fob1kdotcom: do you know how to make an image repeat
    not background imagej
    me: tile?
    10:13 PM fob1kdotcom: ok.look at the menu
    i want to extend it all the way down the page
    but because not all pages have the same script
    same length*
    so i have to repeat it to make it work
    10:14 PM me: i dont understand
    10:16 PM fob1kdotcom: i want to extend the menu all the way down
    10:17 PM me: it should be going all the way down i dont know without looking at code
    10:18 PM fob1kdotcom: its not
    because its just an image
    10:20 PM me: edit the image file
    10:23 PM i can probably fix it but i need to know what we are doing
    i dont want to invest any more time in this if im not getting paid dude
    10:25 PM fob1kdotcom: i will pay you bro
    if you make the site nice
    my uncle wil pay me more
    n i will pay you more
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    fob1kdotcom - Your response?
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    Home - Get OFF my Lawn..damn kids
    why do you keep repeating/pasting what other people have posted?
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    I did not use any generator. I have all my logs stating what happened. Your words are meaningless.

    It worked great in IE. It did not work in IE6 because CSS dropdowns, etc., just don't work in IE6, JScript hacks are required for that.

    In fact, it worked great in Safari, not sure what you are talking about? Worked fine in IE7, 8, Chrome, and Safari.

    Lastly, you paid me $35? Great! Where is it? It never hit MY PayPal account. I would love to see screenshots and Transaction ID's stating ou even paid me that. In fact, if you can prove you even remotely sent me money I would be surprised. I still have an open invoice with you.
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    Every and Anything
    bro you need to get ban. Remember Fobbie whatever you do to others something 10x worst will happen to you. And when someone takes you for a ride i hope you have this same attitude of laughter and being lackadaisical about it.
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    On top of all of this, he failed himself.

    Chrome did come out on 9-2-08... 08...08...2008...That's over a year before I did this work. So no, not fail, Chrome was out for a year prior to me doing this work.

    He already admitted he scammed me. Also, here's the latest logs from AIM...

    What a joker. When I was 17 I started my own Console Repair/Modding biz...never would have done anything like this.


    me: so now you are lying and making up BS stories. On top of that you are saying you paid me $35. Excellent.
    fob1kdotcom: link me.
    i lost the link
    ur quick
    u shud of toldme after u made the post
    it been a month
    9:39 PM i wud have never known if ididnt google myself
    me: so what are we going to do about obviously had no intention of paying me anything to begin with.
    9:40 PM
    fob1kdotcom: thanks xD
    u obviously had no intention of getting paid. u never told me anything.
    9:41 PM I have given him multiple chances to redeem himself.
    9:45 PM xD. read my reply.

    8 minutes
    9:54 PM me: are you retarded bro
    chrome came out in 9-2-2008
    that's almost 2 years ago
    9:55 PM fob1kdotcom: happy noW?

    ^ I am assuming at that point he edited his post, I don't care enough to look.
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    This is why it is important to verify the credentials of who you work with/for, take at least half-upfront, and unless they prove to be trustworthy avoid working with minors or you might end up with a scumbag like fobbie.
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    I hope you get old enough to meet a girl you love and have babies. Then when you're at work one day I hope the house catches on fire and burns everything you ever loved.