Do it myself or some one else? (Google Adwords - Adsense)

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by DutchStuff, Nov 9, 2016.

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    Hi everyone...

    I know a lot of online SEO and everything combined, but I never used Google adwords. Only Facebook ads.

    Today someone called me form a well known internet marketing office in my country. I have a side business where I sell tickets for concerts to customers. He told me a lot of things (ofcourse, some parts we're very clear to me, but I appreciated the fact he actually gave some good advice instead of some vague bullshit as many online guru's do.. i really hate them).

    The interesting part came across when he said: you can sell 100 tickets extra in a week using adwords and he tracks them using a pixel. He would charge € 500,- (600$ I think). That included banner design + targeting customer segments + XX amount (don't know how much yet) of adwords ad budget and a few other things.

    Now the question is, can I do this easily myself? I know there are a lot of tutorials how to make money with Adsense, but i'm in this case the one who pays Google to put my ad's on Adsense by Adwords.

    I need to understand:
    - How to target customers
    - How to use a pixel
    (if this is as easy as Facebook, I can do this)
    - How to bid on ad's and do the right things, without spending unnecessary money
    (i'd rather spend 500 euro's on real ads instead of 50% on banner design and customer targeting)

    Doesn't sound too hard... but in this case I think an expert might be a better go. I can afford it easily when I really sell 100 tickets.. ROI of 100%. But i'd rather have something like 180% when I do this by myself, but I can't invest a lot of time (say max. 10 ours next week) in this.

    Has anyone a guide, tips, or advice about this case?

    Oh, and, if someone has a better idea, be my guest. I sell most of my tickets using FB ads and a optimized (local seo) website. It is not a ticket platform, but a reseller construction. Are there other online advertising solutions?
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    Have a look at thread that talks more about the pixel re-targetting your guy was talking about.
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    If your think he sounds like he knows what he's doing and he brought the idea to you, I think it makes more sense delegating the task. Adwords bid management and keyword strategis can take a bit of time to master and time that you don't want to lose. it would be smarter to let him do it, see if it works to your expectations and then either learn while the campaign is running or after you execute one successful campaign.
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    It depends on your budget. If you're gonna spend a low amount better do it yourself to understand the ins and outs. Then, based on the results you can delegate.
    But as I'm 100% of my income from PPC, I would recommend getting help from a pro and/or buy a formation to do it yourself later. It could be time intensive as the platform keeps evolving and you need to apply new changes if you want your account quality score to stay competitive. PM me if you have more specific questions
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    Better to give them the work then try doing it yourself as experience counts.