do i need to change something or stay persistent?

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    I've decided to have a dabble with CB the past couple of days, and decided to go down the PPC route.

    I've recently just hit 100 "hops" but ZERO form impressions which means NO sales.
    I haven't built a landing page, is this something which is essential in this sort of marketing? I know a lot of people use them but the product i chose has a lot of information on the page so i thought this would be just as good.. or maybe i'm wrong. I'd also have to outsource someone to create me the content of the landing page.

    To get the 100 hops has cost me about half of what commission i would receive for selling.

    So basically what i'm asking is what do you guys usually do if you were getting similar results to what I've had? And should i expect better results from using a landing page?
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    The main questions to ask when doing PPC are:

    - what targeting are you using?
    - are you using buyer KW?
    - is the PPC platform you are using reliable and does it provide quality traffic?