Do freelancers freelance?


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Jul 27, 2010
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I might be dumb here but I think I figured out something tonight.
I go on to a freelance site like elance and post a project. I purposely hire someone from the US for various reasons.

What percentage of the time do you think this person just outsources my project for 25% of what I paid to someone overseas?

Person just oversees the project, does about zero actual work and pockets a few hundred.

I am interested to hear thoughts on this.
It could make you really rich, very quickly.

For example lets say you hire 3 workers @ something like $200/month to do rewrites. They do 20 rewrites per day each, so you have about 60 rewrites daily. You sell each rewrite for 1$, and you pocket $60 per day.

After 10 days, the workers are payed for. You pocket 2/3rds of the income per month, doing absolutely nothing.

The sweet power of outsourcing.
Soon our school teachers will be outsourced!
It happens all the time. Check their feedback, some don't even hide the fact they outsource. They are feedback warriors. I used to work for a few clients who could just get the work (although I'm English) before I'd built up enough feedback to get the jobs I wanted.
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