Do Flash Games with Microtransactions even HAVE Affiliate Programs??

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by efilteewsyragus, Apr 30, 2012.

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    I mean, every time I hear about how many bamillions of dollars Farmville is making, my heart LITERALLY aches at the sad thought that I'm not able to cash in on any of it. ;____;

    People looooove games with microtransactions. Adults, kids, everyone in between. Think about how many of them are on Facebook alone - Zynga, Playfish, others with names I can't think of because I'm not hip enough to be on the cutting edge of Facebook game terminology.

    And then there are the Flashspace games directed at kids - Club Penguin, Wizard 101 (lol I probably have the name of that one all wrong), FreeRealms...

    Pretty much all of these have in-game incentives for you to invite your friends. You get rewarded with in-game currency, or points, or the perks that go hand-in-hand with having more "neighbors". But, in all of the hours I've spent reading about these games, and okay, yes, also playing them myself, I have never



    come across a SINGLE AFFILIATE PROGRAM for any of them.

    The concept would be so simple! Use your aff link and make xx% of whatever your friend pays in microtransactions for their first month/year/lifetime of playing the game.

    Do you know of any games that do have affiliate programs? Or do you know of some secret method of monetizing the ones I've mentioned already?? :D Even if you don't, feel free to discuss whatever your thoughts on the subject are, as well. n_n
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    heh they managed to cut u out bro ;)