Do exit pop ups hurt seo?

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    Hey guys, I have a few sites I was thinking of adding an exit pop up on, how dose the almighty Google treat these? Will it hurt my site in the rankings?
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    Exit popups are coded with client-side scripts such as JS. For years Google has been known to not be able to render / read JS code - but it has been changed by now and they can process embedded JS functions in HTML code such as: 'onmouseover', 'alert', 'onload' etc. Still, they cannot process complex JS functions and loops since Google crawlers are text-based whereas in order to run pure JS code you need a browser formation platform that can store cookies.
    therefore, your options to stay on the safe side are:
    1. Cookies - set cookies and display popups to visitors who has the set cookie - Google bots cannot store cookies.
    2. Detect Google bots, and disable the popup codes when a visitors is a bot.
    you can see a PHP code I've shared in this thread:
    which will help you determine whether a visitor is a Google bot or a human. Simply, if it's a Google bot, don't display a popup; otherwise, do.
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