Do *Bay/PayGal have the right to link data?

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by bell2366, May 8, 2012.

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    I have only recently started having to deal with *Bay/PayGal and have been horrified at their cavalier attitude to linking data as they see fit based on IP's cookies and god knows what else. The amount of false
    hits/linkages this must generate is huge (Sharing PC's, Company Networks with single NAT'd IP for thousands) etc.

    So it also occurred to me that if they are blocking, suspending and banning accounts based on this kind of treatment of data, they are knowingly committing injustices based on statistical probabilities rather than hard fact.

    All well and good you might say, you sign away all your rights when you agree to their terms and conditions, or do we??

    What about a scenerio where Person 'P1' starts a business account on *Bay/PayGal for Companies 'C1' and 'C2' of which he is a director (and therefore entitled to start the accounts), at this point these companies are irrevocably linked in *Bay/PayGal's eyes. Time moves on, the company directors change. Should a transgression of *Bay/PayGals rules be even alleged by their statistical BOT's it seems to me that two then legally and factually unrelated businesses would be linked and therefore punished together.

    This kind of random linkage/punishment MUST breach some Free Trade laws? (I'm certain in UK they are breaching Data Protection laws by not exercising due dilligence to ensure all data is correct) I'm also pretty sure if I was stockholder of 'C2' and watched it go out of business because a new director of now unrelated C1 shared his computer with his daughter, I would be wondering who to take to court and how!

    Any legal eagles got a view on the legalities of what *Bay is doing?

    As you can probably guess, i've recently suffered this experience!
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    Well eBay owns PayPal, StubHub, and Kijiji (Canada) and in all of the disclaimers the eBay corp shares across all companies. It sucks.