Do autoblogs still sell?

Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by dcuthbert, Oct 26, 2011.

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    Do autoblogs still sell well on Flippa? I'm guessing ones which are thrown up in a day and immediately listed for sale won't, but what about ones with a history of traffic and/or income?

    I have 3 autoblogs I'm looking to sell, and I'm wondering whether it's worth listing on Flippa, or playing it safe and sticking with DP marketplace.

    Basically, one is a 2 year old PR2 which has had steady traffic for some time (it had an Alexa rank of 400,000 at one stage) but has dropped since Panda and now has an Alexa of 900,000. Income is pretty good though, since I put Adsense on back in April, it's made about $180 from Adsense.

    Another is a new site, I bought it on DP marketplace for $10, jacked it up a bit and in the 2 months since I bought it it's made about $25 in Adsense.

    The last uses a CB plugin to auto post sales copies, and in 2 months has made $60 in CB sales.

    Does the 6-12 times monthly income apply to autoblogs as well, or are they worth less?

    What kind of BIN bonuses do buyers on Flippa/DP go mad for? ebooks, scrapebox/xrumer blasts, article submission?
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    Price = revenue/mo x 5-10. Depends on traffic monthly and age of the site (history).

    BIN bonuses which I recommend: backlining service. If you can grab a top ranking for a targeted keyword, you may offer it for the BIN as bonus.
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    I suggest you do not disclose the BIN too early. Let bidders ask for it. If your listings receive a lot of bids, you could set the BIN a little higher. If not, you may want to set it lower. Why set the BIN too low when you could sell it for more?
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