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    Hey Guys,

    A couple of months ago I purchased a set of photos of a sexy looking girl which came with the rights to use as I pleased.

    I set up a Facebook Account using some of the pics and started building up some friends - very slowly nothing too spammy or that would raise any red flags.

    Today I got the message that the account had been disabled and that I could appeal if I can provide a photo ID.

    The problem is that the name (and DOB) on the ID is different from the one I used on the Facebook profile. The girl is Russian with typical Russian name, but for the Facebook profile I used an English sounding alias.

    I tried submitting the request anyway.

    A few questions....

    1. Any idea how long they take to review these requests ?
    2. Do you think there is a chance i could get my account back ?
    3. If I don't get my account back, I was thinking I would set up a fan page for the girl instead and use that to promote her website/service - what restrictions are there on the fan pages in terms as photo use ?

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    1. It takes approximtely 1-2 days. Though my case took more than two weeks. Long story.
    2. Of course. You might want to read facebookblockedaccount c-o-m (I am not allowed to post URLs as a new member, so sorry for the crappy format) it gives more tips as to how to response/who address on FB.
    3. The same - basically FB does not care about the photos unless someone "snitches" them.
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