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    Mar 21, 2009
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    Hi All,

    Just wondering if I could grab a few pointers on optimizing directory submissions?

    Im assuming apart from backlinks, directorys are good for ranking multiple times because of the High PR of the directory site? (ive noticed this with some of my competition ranking multiple times on one keyword-whether knowingly or not)


    position 1-



    Am I correct in saying all thats happened here is the "example url" has written an optimized title and description (based on their target keyword), then submitted it to the directory to get their rankings like that?

    There are many directory submission services on BHW- (which all ask for title and description etc to be sent to them with order) so Im assuming the expertise is writing it correctly or youre wasting your time.

    1) Can someone enlighten me on the best way to write the title of ad, description etc etc for best results?

    2) Point out any other things I "should know" to make doing directory submissions as effective as possible- what to do-not to do-look out for.