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    Hi All,

    I was hoping to find someone who can do the work submitting directory listings on a specific list of around 120-150 directories I will provide, which are primarily Australian based directories. Listings must be created MANUALLY - NOT AUTOMATED AND CALLING IT MANUAL and I am happy to pay accordingly.

    As is it the first time using this specific list, task will also require updating of a spreadsheet with category listed, notes field, noting any directories that are not work, details of paid options available etc - around 5 spreadsheet fields for each directory site.

    Finally, all listing request confirmation emails will need to be clicked by you as part of the job.

    I will provide the content (keywords, titles & descriptions) of the site I want added (10 variations of each), which will need to be rotated when creating the listings, and create an email listing.

    I am looking for someone to develop a long term working relationship with, and will have a number of repeat jobs using the same directory list on a semi regular basis. With this in mind I want assurance also from whoever I work with that they will not then start offering a service on here which consists of offering to post other peoples sites to "my" list.

    Anyone interested please PM me directly, and include your location.