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Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by TheRogue, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. TheRogue

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    Mar 28, 2009
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    I havent used them in about 1 year and in january i decided to run some email campaign. I managed to raise about $110 tha first month and about $40-50 the next. As they are net 30 i had to wait until march to get the $. Well mid feb i noticed some flukes in my payment tab. The total amount payed was higher than the amount earned and the amount due was gone, only the february earnings where there ($40-50). I emailed their support and the next day my account was closed
    Account for Affiliate ID: CDXXXX has been denied. If you feel this is incorrect please email [email protected].
    Since than i tried calling them, shot a cpuple of emails to Anthony Gozzo. No reply what so ever. Also as i haven spoken to my AM in one year i thought of contacting him. The one that i had in AIM Jarred i think, was no longer working with them. I remembered that in my account the AM was a girl Jessica Brown. Big surprise there too, she wassent working with them since august 2010 if i remember right. I have to mention that it was a email submit that i promoted through emailing, so all the leads signed up without an incentive, or tricked or blackhat traffic, simple emailing.
    It left me a bitter taste. I dont care about the money anymore, but i hate the attitude. Not answering one damn email, and on the phone i always hit the phone box of A. Gozzo. I get that the guy is busy, but come on, 2-3 weeks and he doesnt find the time to answer an email. Also0 mailed the generic email address [email protected]. No responce from them eighter. Anyone experience anything like this with'em?