DirectCreditScore.Com Scammed Me Out of 7k+!

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by adrien23, Oct 3, 2010.

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    Back in July / August I was looking for a CR offer to run with my Craigslist traffic. It wasn't easy to find one at the time, but I did remember member "BatKnight" who I ran a small JV with a while back that owned a network with a CL friendly CR offer. I found his contact info again and hit him up on skype about it.

    At first, he said I'd need to show him I can do at least 20 sales / day to push traffic to him, so instead I took my traffic over to zapblue who also had the offer with a slightly lower payout. I pushed my traffic there for a couple weeks, and did fairly well (I was happy with the stats) and got up near 4k. Now at this point, I was doing enough sales to go direct so I hit up "Richard" again. He took a look at my traffic, and approved me to push direct on his network for $35 a sale (a $5 increase from zapblue).

    AdRocMedia ( is the network that Richard owns and runs his CR on. I was told I was going to get paid weekly, but when the first pay day came around, I never got anything. At the time I didn't think much of it, and kept pushing traffic since I was told it was coming. Now over a week later after me constantly asking for my money (and pushing my normal traffic), Richard comes out to tell me that I had a high refund rate, and he can't pay my money. He did end up sending over $300 though, and held another $300 (or maybe it was $400) to see how things went. Sure enough, when I hit him up a few days later he automatically told me that it was all gone through refunds.

    On top of not getting paid direct, he paid nothing to zapblue either. So I got screwed out of near 4k from both networks.

    When I asked for a refund report, I was told that I'd get it soon, but he was busy. Later that day, nothing came, so I had to contact him multiple times before finally getting anything. What he sent me was a report that looked like he quickly made it in excel. There was a bunch of randomess on it that made it hard to understand. When I kinda figured it out, I noticed none of the numbers matched any of my stats (well the stats he apparently said I had). I asked Richard about it and he told me that the report was for 3 affiliates pushing CL traffic, and we all did bad. Theres a huge redflag right does a refund report for 3 people (that looks like he just made it too) have anything to do with me? That was no proof that my traffic had high refunds.

    Apart from that, when I hit him up to go direct, he checked out my zapblue traffic, and at that time it was good enough to go direct with a pay bump. How did it all of a sudden turn so bad that he couldn't pay anything out?

    Along with myself, I personally know of another person, and two networks (zapblue and reversedmedia) who got screwed the same way.
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    Sounds pretty bad. I think there should be someway of reporting these sites, thanks for letting us all know.
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