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    I operate a new social network and I am looking for people that have a good twitter following or an active FB account for promotion of the site. I will pay you directly via pay pal to tweet or post a link to your FB wall. You will have to sign up to the site and you will be tweeting or posting your profile page to have others come join you.

    *The pay is $5 to sign up and 1 tweet or post of your profile.
    *I will be doing a limited amount of profiles to test the traffic & signups
    *If interested PM me your twitter or FB profiles for review and I will send you to the site to sign up
    *After signing up just tweet or post your profile to friends or followers & send me the link for confirmation
    *I will send $5 via paypal upon confirmation
    *If successful I will tap again on a regular basis for tweets, FB posts, etc?

    *Q & A: Why don?t I use mylikes, adly or sponsored tweets for this campaign? I cannot force the influencers to sign up to the site and promote their profile. This process will give the campaign a greater success rate.
    * Q & A: How many followers do I need to have? I will require 5k or more followers.
    * Q & A: How many friends do I need to have on FB? I will require 1000 or more friends.
    *Q & A: Are you willing to do the same with other social networks? I am open to alternatives; PM me your profile for review or your suggestion.
    *Q & A: I have a blog can I qualify? I am open to alternatives; PM me your blog for review or your suggestion.

    Thanks for the time!