Direct Linking Instead Of Squeeze Page - More Profitable Short Term ?

Discussion in 'General PPC Discussion' started by sheigah, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Hi all , I was just wondering if direct linking to affiliate offers are more profitable in the short run
    as compared to sending the traffic to squeeze pages . I ask this because my last campaign
    bombed . Bad . I spent $50 for a total of 394 clicks and a grand total of 10 opt-ins . I'm using
    Adknowledge which by far seems to be one of the best 2nd tier PPC networks . I have yet to
    find a better one . I do understand it seems like almost taboo in internet marketing to sell
    something without at least trying to get their email . But I need to start somewhere . And
    I can't accept a 2.5% conversion rate . Arguably , the problem could have been MY squeeze
    which I would definitely love to hear some creative criticism . You can find it here fitnessLP.jpg
    Also , if anybody has any tips on how to optimize my dollar spent on
    Adknowledge that would be immensely helpful , I still have $400+ sitting there for now .
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    Have you done any split tests? If you haven't this is a crucial mistake. Change the squeeze page image, change the headings, test multiple variations etc. Also rotate your offers, do different ad variations, narrow down your targeting and so on, and so on. Lots of variables, but nobody will be able to help you much with so little info provided.
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    Have you considered CPA marketing and getting paid for your client comleting an action?
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    what? I gotta have a job?
    BHW - Where else?
    Hey that is a great example of a squeeze page, very powerful, nice work. Conversions are a bitch aren't they? I also have $400 sitting in a media account and I have hit the same wall as you, though I spent more for fewer clicks. A/B testing seems to be the next step, but there have got to be some shortcuts we can take. Optimizing from 2.5% conversion to 4% is good but still not what we need.