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Difficult situation.

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Tuff Dreamer, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Tuff Dreamer

    Tuff Dreamer Registered Member

    Jun 29, 2015
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    East Coast
    Step father recently passed. Well, I wouldn't really consider him that. We were close at times, him and my mom were together for many years before that relationship tanked. Another story.

    Guy worked like a dog and never had nothing to show for it. Monday - Saturday at his blue collar job and sometimes on Sundays as a driver on bread truck routes or something else. He had the attitude of a man who knew he came from a worse place, to a better place -- knowing he wouldn't ever be a great success. He was just happy enough to wake up and work and live in an environment which he could look forward to the little things.

    As a gift, and as a show of family for both the problem child and child with maybe a bright future if said child would just do something... He bought me a car some time ago. Well, he didn't buy it. He was making payments on it.

    Herein lies the problem.

    Everyone involved in this is running in circles and mourning at the same time.

    His only asset was that danged car. Even though me and him weren't blood related, I know for a fact my name was somewhere on the paperwork for it because I got a random call from the dealer one day as a check in type call asking just random questions. They had my number, for some reason. I wasn't present when he got it.

    We know he had insurance.. But neither me nor his friends know the details. Just auto or life?

    So confusing, I hate this technical stuff.

    Just wondering what's going to happen to the vehicle. Will I have to take over in the payments or will his insurance policy cover it?

    This was all so sudden, I never had to deal with this before. Never a loved ones passing. The good die young, here.

    Also another big detail is that he didn't have a written will. He was young, let me tell you. Also arrogant in ways, thought he would live very long... So nobody really knows what to do now. Who to talk too, a lawyer? His insurance company? Nobody has the papers, or knows where they are for certain. So the details escape all of us right now...


    Damn aliens get more attention here lol, I could understand if nobody cares or wants to get involved in this depressing garbage on a Saturday. Also cuz I'm new here, but still. This sucks. I don't want to call the wrong people, and find out some bad news. I know the laws for these things differ by state..

    But it would be such a blessing for me (silver lining) if I could sell that car and gather some real investment money for IM. I can't even think about driving it without getting sick.

    Broken down...

    He had insurance, nobody knows the details of what policy he had or what insurer besides him. He wasn't a very outspoken man. Kept this stuff private. Also going along with privacy policies put in place by the companies, I don't think I can just make some calls asking for his name and his policy details. His family all live in a foreign country, don't speak English.

    So see the boundaries I'm dealing with here...
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