Different SEO Methods and how they work?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by PermaNulled, Jan 10, 2013.

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    Alright so, so far I know about Bulk-Mailing (Opt-in Based)..
    As well as advertisement via forums, and blog posts/etc.

    But looking at the various tools available to me I find it hard to really understand what it is they all do.

    I.E. Article Posting, Blog Creating, Backlinking (I really don't understand this one) etc.

    Do these applications creating a blog for you really work?, Is it actually worth the time of doing it would be another question I'd have there.

    I mean doing CPC advertising and bulk-mailing(Opt-In) based a person I used to work with was easily making $20,000 USD or more a month...
    I'm wanting to get into any advertising methods possible I've got a few CPA networks that have accepted me but I haven't decided where I want to start.

    I don't want to bulk mail as it's a large investment I'd have to have servers to start and then go from there and I don't have that kind of money right now, not to mention I'd have to buy a platform to mail with and a mailing list which I'd have to buy from someone ( Unless there's an easier simpler method of doing this ).

    So what options do I have here?,
    Which do you use?,
    What in your opinion is the best method?,
    How do these other Methods Work?

    Currently I'm leaning towards advertising on forums with the banners/links to my CPA account and seeing how that goes,
    If I do that I'll have to either
    1. Buy a forum posting/account creation software
    2. Create my own

    Which brings me to my next question if I did make my own forum posting software with automated account creation, forum searching and etc is it something any of you would be interested in purchasing?