diduno you could be making money today?

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    I see alot of people on here that don't get how simple it is to make money online.

    1. read up.

    The more you know the more you'll be able to strategize and react to different variables that may impede your progress.
    In making money online, one of the things you'll realize is how quickly everything changes and you must react. Many sites require unique logins consisting of a random set of input, including, ip, username, useragent, cookies, flash cookies etc.
    Do your reading thoroughly before pursuing your plan, otherwise you'll be faced with unexplained barriers.

    2. act.

    don't just do what others are doing and hope to make it work. Get creative, the more effort you put into perfecting your project, the more results you're going to see. That's a given.
    Online people want to see something that looks legitimate. Make them believe your sales page and you're going to have them eager to pay.
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    i dont think it is thanks for the effort op