Did you name your car?


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Aug 6, 2015
Mom and I were sitting around earlier trying to figure out what to name her new car. The last one was Edris Elba. That car was pretty nice.

My family has a history of naming their cars. Just curious to see if anyone else does this.

What kind of names have you had for your cars?
Yes, I named my shiny black car the "Black Pearl", in reference to the movie, "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl".
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Knight Rider - love the dream car shown in that movie/tv series. Most probably will never own one with that much sophisticated AI and nanotechnology in my lifetime, but my new upcoming Tesla model is the closest to that!
Everyone of my cars has been named something that goes with the brand

"Barry the BMW" for example.
Haha, thats funny, I didnt name my car, but you reminded me - my mum and dad used to own a VW Beetle and they named it Brian !! They had it for many years but recently sold it. Not sure if the new owner is still calling it brian or not.....
Pussy Vacuum

My friend had a car that we named "The Panty Dropper." It was an Audi, stick shift. I used to love that thing. You could feel that car do everything. It was so fucking sexy. Seriously, the vibrations were just...and when he revved the engine or sped up...and watching him shift gears...unf.

Every girl I know who got in that car felt the exact same way. That thing was a beast.
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