Did I overdue it?

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    Jun 17, 2009
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    Long story short, about 8 days ago I setup a subdomain on one of my sites directed towards my keyword. keywordpart1-keywordpart2.mydomain.org

    There is nothing really on the main domain except for an empty wordpress theme.

    I installed wordpress, picked a theme (wich I later changed due to it being to massive). Setup the usual stuff like xml sitemaps, platinum seo, social bookmarks, yada yada...

    Designed the page with pages and not with post and setting it up rather nice (IMO).

    After that I assigned it an analytics account, submited the sitemap, used digimax for some rank0 backlinks and put it on two pr3 sites.

    After a couple of days without anything happening I got a little sucpicious and looked over the code and to my horror there was a noindex, nofollow on my page. I had forgotten to change it in wordpress (noooob).

    So without further ado I changed it. After that I social Bookmarked it and did ant16 suggestion about getting google indexed fast (can be found on the forum). Also used rss submit.

    I also made a linkwheel with blogger, Vox, etc etc (6 links in total).

    I resumed work on a couple of other sites with the same concept as this one. Doing keywordpart1-keywordpart2.mydomain.org (similar niche but different keyword). So now I have 3 sites in total in that niche. The other two I really have done nothing about seo wise except digimax on one of them, yesterday. I also set up the fondation for 7 other sites (similar), installing wordpress, plugins, etc. On all the sites there are an internal link structure towards the other sites since they are in the same niche.

    I've seen some of my backlinks show up. Think it is around 15 at the momemt, both from digg, buzz etc but also from my other websites wich I gave a backlink to but nothing to my main site :(

    Also seen backlinks from one of the 7 other sites wich only has a template and a blogroll installed.

    Google is hardly crawling my site at all, so after this wall of text, did I miss something or did I overdue it?

    Thanks in advance and excuse me for my bad English (not native).