Did anyone know a script to let payments through paypal come from another site?

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    i have a shop selling some things that paypal dont like. So it came how it must came... they disabled the account.

    While checking the transactions they didnt like i see that they actually dont know the products in each transaction because some transactions didnt contain one of the products that they dont like. Thats how it should be because i only sent them "Product something" when someone pays for a product. Its a simple precaution not to let paypal know too much because i often read about persons that gave paypal the wrong data and lost their account instantly.

    So the only thing i found was, that paypal must have checked the referrer, found the shop and saw the products. Then wrote me that my shop under this url contained this and this product that they dont like. And they probably assumed that a paypal payment from this shop can contain such products.

    Now i think about to create another fake-webshop with legal products that is forwarding the paymentlinks from the real shop, so that i looks like the fake-shop is the real shop the payment is from.

    Did anyone create such thing before or know a script that does this?

    If not, whats actual the best method to fake the referrer? I mean there are constantly changes in the browsermarket and the old methods often dont work with one or another browser anymore over time.