Developing new link building website , your ideas, opinions and suggestions please!

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    Hi BHWers :) !
    I need your ideas and suggestions on the following please!
    I'm developing a new website that will help in building lots of backlinks by :
    BLOG EXCHANGING ! :D MY NEW IDEA !!! Niahhha finally, I found one that is not applied before :cool:

    Anyway, a blogger will be able to exchange blog posts with other members, and put a link back to his website in the post , and get posts posted in his blogs in return... there are many things going that I'd prefer to keep it secret like ranking blogs on their PR and alexa , then assigning points value needed to post in this blog (shhh it's secret)

    posts will be automatically posted with a click of a button to all selected blogs and the owner can then authorize or set it to auto pilot of he/she doesn't care for what ever is published. :D

    Please , your opinions ... this website will be ready in 5 or 10 days from now :D
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