developing movies domains for next year, worth it?

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by BobbaHead, Nov 26, 2012.

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    Jun 8, 2012
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    So I was thinking of registering around 30 movie exact name domains of movies that are due to be released next year in the .net or .info format.

    My question is, is it worth doing, and am I likely to receive my money back, plus a hell load more after a year and half working on the sites?

    Plan is to spend $200 a month for all sites.
    Get in the top 5 for each of the sites
    Write around 5000 - 1000 unique words for each site

    Is this someone worth pursing?

    many thanks
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    How do you plan to monetize it once you rank though? In my opinion this is a huge waste of time and money. You will be ranking it for the keyword of the movie, then when the movie is about to come out, I'm sure different websites that have previews, reviews etc. will out rank you and even if they don't, the traffic will spike for about a month or two and then completely die. Then you run into the problem of how you're going to make money off of this.

    Spend your time and money on something that will always get traffic and that you can bank off of forever.
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    not really a bad plan, just that you should really think about monetizing, cause the traffic spike won't last long... so when it is to make sure you will get the best out of it. Spend money only on the domain, the links can be made manually over a long term... 1k high pr will keep you in top for more than enough time, plus adding video trailer and some important info will make it good.
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    Someone did that last year - lots of movie name domains and monetization was with adsense.
    Nothing illegal on the site..