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    TL;DR version

    I want to establish a foothold on the internet in an upcoming developing country. What sectors/services should I venture into first.

    Hi all,

    Online marketing has fascinated me for quite some time now, I was a member on this forum some time back in 2007 when I was planning to get really involved in it all but real life took a turn for the worse and I have not been able to get back into it till now.

    I live in a country that has had its fair share of problems recently and is just starting to get back on its feet. The internet has not boomed here AT ALL yet, but there is a growing need for residents to get online as an ISP recently launched a 3g service that got instantly flooded too the point where they had to cut off all new sales becuase they already did not have the bandwidth to cope with the demand. This showed me that people here want to be on the internet.

    To give you an indication on how bad internet is here, it costs $80 a month for a 512kb broadband link and a 500mb bandwidth allowance. To get a 1mb link and 1gb bandwidth will cost you $350 a month and a 2mb link and 2gb of bandwidth will cost you $1800 a month. The 3g link will cost $25 a month but absolutely pointless becuase you would have more luck loading a page on gprs or a 56k modem.

    So to say the internet has not really taken off here is an understatement. Most business do not even have websites here. There is not even a single online shop here yet!

    However; Our fibre system is getting developped fast and our local network is of quite a high standard, so any locally hosted website is easily browsable even on the "3g" link. Things are set to change dramatically in the next 3 months with many ISP's kicking up and establishing strong base stations and bringing competition to the ISP Market.

    With all this said...

    I am wanting to establish myself on the internet now and dominate all the big money making schemes I can. I am willing to invest heavy time and money into being succesful on the internet here but I am unsure where to start.

    There are currently only 2 local websites here that are making some good money. One is a classifieds website and the other is a restaurants directory.

    I am looking for some ideas on what sectors people think I should get a foot hold in not only that will bring in money now, but also in the long term.

    Local is the key here, so I think anything like the restaurants directory or a services directory should be a good way to go. What success have other people had in this area locally for them??

    Secondly, delivery from foreign countries is a bit of a problem so any affiliate schemes I run cannot be for products/goods but for a service. This is very limitting.

    The best part is, people here are very naive about the internet and will not be able to tell affiliate links from a standard one.

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    You may want to try creating websites (using free templates from a web hosting service, or, if you have experience, creating one from scratch) for local businesses for a larger than normal price (you can be one of the first businesses around online!). After you create the website you could then refer them to your web hosting affiliate (such as hostgator) or create your own hosting reseller account to get some extra padding on your cushion of money :D