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Developing a RISK / Axix and Allies inspired Browser game [Zero RISK] - Check it out pleas

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Jesperj, Jul 12, 2015.

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    Zero RISK Online

    Click below to go to website

    Zero RISK is a RISK Based browser game with multiplayer support, which you can play at any time, whenever you want. The game have quite a few twists compared to the old risk genre. Instead of 4-8 Players as you would normally see in a Risk board game, you will see 2-8 Factions consisting of hundreds of players on each side, all fighting for the same cause… World domination!

    Now if you remember, the old Risk game were turn-based, and of course that would not work with hundreds of players in 1 game, so i made Zero RISK as a real-time RTS game, so when your done playing in the evening, the entire world map may look completely different when you wake up in the morning. You may have lost entire continents while you slept, or gained.

    Some of the current features are:

    • Realtime Gameplay.
    • Create and Import any SVG image into a playable map in the game (Player custom maps supported!).
    • Very interesting combat system, which takes in unit movement, range, armor vs various targets, and the simulation even priorities targets, all in a split second.
    • RPG Features, your account will permanently level up, giving you advantages in all future games.
    • Play with or against hundreds of people around the world.
    • Dynamic population control giving bonusĀ“s to the less populated ones.
    • You have the entire world as your playground divided into thousands of regions for capture.
    • Up to 8 Factions fighting for world dominations.
    • More than 12 Unit types with upgrades in the research facility.
    • Live chat in the game.
    • Combat simulator
    • Clan functions for advanced teamplay and competitions.
    This is some of the main features, and im sure we have missed some, as im 100% focused on developing, so things change all the time. Join the forums and let us know what you think. I listen to every idea, and i have progress reports of the development.

    I hope its alright that im reaching out to you all, if this is not allowed, then please do delete, and i do apologize.

    P.S Not all features are open for players yet, as today is the first time taking in players, so were opening features slowly, when we can see the game is stabile and secure.

    Here are some images of the game:





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