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    Hello, I'm looking for someone who can design a desktop application that will allow user's to automatically submit content to my website. We had one before but the original designer of the application is extremely busy and is not able to find time to upgrade the current one we have.

    Basically the way it works is a user downloads the program, installs the program and run the application from their desktop. This program will allow user's to either upload to or (as a registered or free user). The program will .rar the file(s) for the user, submit it to the hosting company and then auto post it on our website under their user id.

    Here is a snap shot of how the auto uploader functions.

    Here is the file to download so you can see how it installs and operates:

    Basically we want the same functions but we want to be able to have it for our new site which is Mediahunt is the same as Albumhunt only that it has more sections.

    We also want to add more site to submit to other then rapidshare and megaupload.

    The sites we would like to uploader to be compatible with are:

    We need this done as soon as possible and only serious coders need apply.