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May 18, 2014
Hello guys, I'm a newbie as can be seen, (1st post) I am planning on sticking around for a really long time till I lift off in this profession, and will try to help others like me just as much as I have been helped. :D

To cut to the chase, I was looking for a PPD website that did NOT make downloaders fill in a survey but just asks them if they want a free or premium download, and premium is faster etc. etc.
I found Depositfiles, but it seems very unprofessional, their UI is terrible, you cannot change payout data without asking for human assistance, I just do not believe I can make something at this site.

Does anyone know anything about this site, or anything better in the area that I'm looking for? A PPD without surveys that the downloader has to fill out?
This is really nice, I had been doing A LOT of research on this area, and I remember every single time from when I needed files on the internet, and someone used it on me, but I just could not remember the name. I did research on DF on this forum, and I found so many people disappointed or having problems with the service. Just looking at the UI showed how unprofessional they were, no automated system or anything of that sort.

I looked at uploaded and is very nice, and I looked at the forums too and found many high paying sites that I did not even know existed. $40 per 1000 views, that is the most I've ever seen. Thanks very much.
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