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dengee.net tricks for Noobs like me.

Discussion in 'Other Affiliate Programs' started by Koqui, May 16, 2010.

  1. Koqui

    Koqui Registered Member

    What They Offer

    * Sky high affiliate earnings - up to $5 per download!
    * Net 15 Payment
    * Get paid for every premium membership that comes from your download.
    * Lightning fast servers.
    * Simplest and easiest file upload system.
    * Industry leading support for any problems.
    * Upload any file type.
    * $20 minimum cashout.
    * Adult content is allowed.:D
    * No waiting for approval - start earning instantly.

    Extra Cash
    Refer your friends and keep 10% of their earnings. Spread the word and soon you'll be making money with no effort.

    < PDF File >

    Virus Total
    Upload Files to Dengee, and share with your friends, Try pictures and mp3.
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  2. Facebook_Master

    Facebook_Master Registered Member

    May 5, 2010
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    Sounds amazing.. actually it comes near the "too good to be true" any tricks? Has anyone been paid from it yet? am too excited to try it :) :) Will tell you guys if I ever get paid. Thanks for the share, will join using ur link.
  3. Koqui

    Koqui Registered Member

    Well to be honest, It seems like this belongs to another BH member. Thou This is the right idea on how to get some cash quick!

    Get a host with large amount of storage.
    Start an affiliate script to keep track of your aff.
    pay up to five $ for each download.

    As you can see the Admin, requires the user to fill out a survey before you download. when the user fills out the survey from C(P-A admin gets the cash and you end up with Shit. Seems great if I was Admin...Pay up or step down.

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  4. Koqui

    Koqui Registered Member

    You can use the below to promote your - downloads. Feel free to post your own. Items listed in RED are adult based.


    Online Tools

    • Aviary = Edit Images, Create Effects, Edit Audio, & Create Drawings
    • Sumo Paint = Edit Images
    • Zoho = Online Microsoft Office
    • bit.ly = URL Shortener,
    • JayCut = Video Editor
    • Webs = Website Creator

    Image Hosts

    Video Hosts


    Social Networking

    Torrent Hosts

    • Piratebay (My account just got banned for uploading password protected files)
    • ISOhunt
    • fulldls
    • Kick Ass Torrents
    • SUMOtorrent
    • Fenopy
    • btjunkie
    • Minnova
    • Seedpeer
    • TorrentPortal
    • NowTorrents
    • TorrentReactor
    • OnlyTorrents

    Miscellaneous Tools

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  5. Koqui

    Koqui Registered Member

    Thank you if any of you have downloaded the above file. If you have let me know so I can telll the admin, how much his F*cked up! Here is the above file which was taken from their site

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  6. Koqui

    Koqui Registered Member

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  7. LyNHS

    LyNHS Regular Member

    Jul 20, 2010
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    Google AdSense
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    So is Dengee any good the? Have any of you been paid? I apologise for bringing up an old thread but I really would like some reassurance :D !