Deleted Slandering Post is still picked up by sub domains

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by misspiss, Oct 15, 2013.

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    My ex wrote a completely false and slandering post on a blog he created through and I legally got him to delete his blog post and he deleted that and the blog account yet the post is still popping up when I search my name. This is affecting my kids and my employment severely. For some reason has no help or contact available on their site and any link to something that could be of help leads to a 404 page. They are protected by and their Facebook page has not been updated since 2012 which leads me to believe the site no longer has a force behind it.

    I would like to get this fixed asap somehow. Can someone help me or guide me as to how I can get this removed effectively from their cache and/or google?
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    May 7, 2013
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    I'd suggest reputation management. Basically, create or have enough positive links created that push the negative down in the rankings. You could do it with a simple wordpress site, as long as you update it regularly and do some basic SEO. It does work, I speak from experience.
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    You could try a whois search on the domain and see if you can find other available contact info for the company.

    as far as I know its impossible to remove the cache'd materials

    Set up a profiles on major sites like... facebook/youtube/soundcloud/large web 2.0 properties with your name as your account name and they may outrank his post naturally.. actually if you do go this route link them all together for free link juice

    hope this helps... goodluck!

    PM me your name if you want me to take a look and give you some blueprints
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