Delete Those Spammy Links Boi!!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by fatbap, May 14, 2014.

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    Hi there, i purchased a solid expired domain with:

    DA: 38
    PA: 45
    and a few years old

    it has great quality links from its original owner, but since then another guy came in and spammed it and then discarded it.

    If i delete these spammy links from said spammer will this potentially increase the pr, da etc? (because the spam links dilute it right?)

    or should i do the opposite and keep the spam links incase it messes it all up? thanks

    BONUS QUESTION: If i'd have waited for the time to run out for the domain auction and bought it like a new domain, this would've destroyed the stats above right? excuse my noobness!!
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    PR, DA and PA are calculated purely from links and will not go up due to removing links. (Apart from PR if you have a specific PR penalty which you can get removed).

    So if you want to increase those numbers, you just need more links from pages with PR, DA and PA.

    But, this is only useful if you're looking to sell or rent the domain to someone who mistakenly thinks that these numbers are useful.

    If you're looking for better rankings and traffic, then DA and PA are not used by Google and PR doesn't have a lot to do ranking any more.

    You should aim for a clean link profile that isn't likely to give you Penguin or a manual action. Then build clean, diverse links that will help you to convince Google that you are an authority in your niche.

    The PR may well have reset, depending on the TLD.
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    If you're buying this domain for a PBN DON'T. It's not worth it. Neither of those are good solutions. The best solution is to forget about it.

    If you're buying this domain because it's absolutely the best domain name you can purchase for your money site or branded business, then add to WMT, disavow all links, and explain to Google that you are a new webmaster not the old owner. Then pray that they listen to you.

    This is one of those times I'd actually listen to Matt Cutts. Straight from the horses mouth, if you can avoid buying a previously spammed domain do so.
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