Defining the black hat

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    To get to my grey hat i want to know from you what black hat is!

    Defined as cheating or tricking search engines by using gaps of their algorithm.

    But what are the most important points of this:

    Is cloaking a must have for a linkbuilder?

    Is it spamming links into an forum or comments?

    It is about writing an text with useful content for that or doesn't that matter?

    To get a higher serp is for the most part just trying to get backlinks?And creating some new content?

    Then there are social medias and archives which can be spammed but what else is there?

    Do you create own blog networks with useful content on different ip's with different domains just to get an backlink?

    Or do you use linkexchange with cloaking?

    Are blasts better than trying to get useful content links with selfcreated blogs?
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