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    We have a penny auction website.

    We had it on shared hosting and the host suspended our account for too much CPU usage.

    I called Godaddy and they really confused me about getting a dedicated hosting plan. The people at Godaddy said with their plans we would need our own tech to maintain the server. If thats how dedicated hosting hosting works wouldnt I be better off to just buy my own server? Or did I just talk to the wrong person there?

    What we need is:

    recommend using at least a Dedicated server with minimum of 1 GB RAM for live websites.

    • PHP 5.0 (or Higher)
    • mySQL 5 (or Higher)
    • GD Library
    • IonCube Loader
    • cURL
    • Mod Url_rewrite enabled
    • Ability to run at least 5 cron jobs every minute
    • Open SSL compiled with PHP

    and the ability to send a lot of emails. When visitors register they are automatically sent two emails. One to confirm their registration and one that is a welcome letter.

    I know very little about web hosting other than you can pay way too much for it and need some advice please and how it works.

    Can someone suggest a good company that handles everything like a shared host does at a price that is reasonable?

    Thank you in advance.