Decoding Php footers etc

Thanks very much for works perfectly! I've found that many of the other online decoders do an ok job but you have to pull out the base64 code not the entire file then go through the code and fix some characters that don't get converted, but this decodes every thing perfectly :)
Thanks for that i was sure this would really help and the guy who done this apparently really knows how to decode.
This site is one big joke.

I uploaded a PHPCipher locked file, exactly how it's mentioned.
It does not give back anything.

""NOTE: We do not store any files on the server. "

Yeah right.... my ass!

Sure, it might be possible to decode base_64 (eval and/or gzinflate) and a few others.
But there are plenty of sites what can do that.
sorry but how do you download the source code?

There is nothing to download.
I upload the phpcipher file and a php file.
Nothing happend.

Today i uploaded a Byterun protected file, and again... nothing happend.

Just a fake site:prof01:
Found this apparently made by a super decoder of php, hope it is usefull to some.

That site is very impressive. It decodes ioncube files 90% of the way. It does not decode a lot of the data correctly so it would end up being more hassle than it's worth getting the files to function correctly again but from a file I tested out it was very impressive.
The site isn't a joke, Cyko knows his stuff - if you had problems and you really want them looking at then PM me and I'll let him know but he may ask you to send him copies of the files you had problems with (no, the site doesn't keep copies of them whatever you think).

another good online decoder:
i use it for myself too :D
This appears to be passworded now. Anybody help with the login information?

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