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    Apr 25, 2011
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    Hi there, All of you wonderfully articulate and informative mentors-in-waiting!

    Just wanted to say a BIG, BIG thankyou for saving me from myself (again). For the last few days I have been glued to my screen watching the training vids for Senuke X.

    As a "Noob" (love that word!), I have been bouncing around the net from one fantastic product to the next, to the point that I have been in danger of losing complete focus on what I initially set out to do (yes, I want to build my own modest little website! LOL)..... so, I had just about convinced myself that I must be even worse than a "Noob" (a Noob without a Clue) because I was simply NOT "Getting" what the Senuke X vids were teaching me.

    After mind-numbingly long sessions of frantic research on whether to fork out $147pm for Senuke X or not, I came across a bonanza of brilliant comments, tips and banter in this forum on the merits and demerits of said program.

    I'm thrilled to say that I have now been saved from parting with stupid amounts of money on something that other Noobs don't appear to understand either (now I don't feel like such a dummy!).

    To add to my euphoria, I have also found on this forum, a wonderful alternative(s) that I am going to try - Scrapebox and Scrapeboard. I have found so much useful information and advice on these products that I spent a couple of hours just reading and looking for reasons why I SHOULDN'T buy them. Couldn't find any! In Summary, a low one off fee with such great reviews from BHW members has made my decision an easy one.

    Coupled with the great advice from one (or more) member(s) regarding the affordable tutorial products relating to these products, I now feel comfortable that any "objections" by some can be offset. Just like a car, one needs to learn how to "drive" a program properly before writing it off as useless or a waste of time and money.

    For what it's worth, I have taken on board the fantastic advice of many and am very excited at the prospect of learning to drive my "shiny new" programs. I'll let you know how I go.


    "Soon-to-be-a-Not-so-Noob" :D