Decent Traffic, Low CPC?

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    I've been learning so much and have been putting my head down and getting to work with content and link building. I recently went after a tech keyword that I found from someone selling on a domain auction site and posting their stats (I'm a douchebag, I know) - the seller claimed an AdSense income of between $100/200 per month for the entire blog.

    Thing is, their analytics stats showed that about 3/4 of his traffic was stemming from a group of highly related phrases, all pointing to a single page on their site. One would assume most of these clicks are coming from this post. Needless to say, I put up a post immediately and began promotion. My post is much, much longer, more relevant and overall higher quality. The competition was very weak, so I had a good feeling I could rank. This was approximately 4 weeks ago.

    I awoke a week ago to find that my traffic had went from about 5 uniques a day to between 200-400 uniques a day after getting pushed to page 1 - I decided to throw up AdSense to test out earnings and see how they compared to the sellers claims.

    It's been 8 days and my earnings are absolute crap. My CTR is less than 1%, and my CPC is between $0.10 and $0.20. My ads are above the fold, left side of the screen and I'm only using AdSense as of now. I have just about the same ad placement as the page I was trying to usurp.

    That domain ended up selling for a nice chunk of change (over $1000), and I have to believe that either the seller was lying about revenue or I'm doing something wrong and triggering the wrong ads.

    Any ideas what the problem could be? Maybe it's just a low paying keyword and his clicks were actually coming from the other 20-30 % of his site?

    The traffic has been a tremendous motivating factor but the lack of money is sort of disappointing.